Strands Game: Uncover Words

Strands is a new puzzle game. It is a word search game with a unique twist. In Strands, players are presented with a 6-by-8 grid of letters, and the objective is to find theme words that have something in common. Additionally, there is a 'spangram' that describes the commonality among all the theme words, and it must touch two opposite sides of the game board.

In each puzzle, you'll see 48 letters. These letters can be connected to each other as long as they're direct neighbors vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, with the ability to switch directions in the middle of a word.

How to Play Strands Game?

  1. Identify Theme Words

    Scan the 6-by-8 grid of letters to look for words that matches Today's Theme. Look for connections, associations, or similarities between the words. Make the first word
  2. Select Words

    You can pick letters by sliding your finger across them or by tapping on each one. To see if you're right, tap the last letter again. Create a word list
  3. Use The Hints

    If you can't figure out the puzzle, press the hint button. You can use this button up to 3 times for each puzzle. Each hint will make one word easier to find by marking its letters.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Strands Game?

    Strands is a new puzzle game. It is a word search game with a unique twist. In Strands, players are presented with a 6-by-8 grid of letters, and the objective is to find theme words that have something in common.

  2. What counts as a legal word in Strands?

    Here are the legal words of the Strands game presented in bullet points:

    1 Legal words in Strands must be at least four letters long.
    2 No three-letter words are allowed in the game.
    3 When connecting letters, players can move in any direction—up, down, left, right, or diagonally.
    4 Diagonals are considered legal moves in Strands.
    5 The arrangement of letters on the board won't typically form a straight line, featuring twists and turns.
    6 Repeated letters are allowed across different words; for instance, spelling "COMMA" will have two M's next to each other.
    7 This differs from games like Spelling Bee, where tapping the same letter twice is permitted.
  3. How do the Themes work in Strands?

    In Strands Game, each puzzle has a theme hinted at by its title. For instance, puzzle #1's theme was "Mark my words." All words on the board match this theme, like COMMA, PERIOD, and APOSTROPHE. A theme-related word, called the "spangram," connects opposite sides of the puzzle. In #1, PUNCTUATION ran from top to bottom in yellow, while other words appeared in blue.

  4. What is the Objective of the Strands Game?

    The objective of strands game is find theme words on a 6x8 letter grid, connect them, and discover the spangram linking opposite sides.

  5. Can I Play Strands Unlimited?

    Yes, You can play Strands Unlimited on our site because we have Unlimited version of the game. In official version after completing a game, you'll have to wait until the next day for a new puzzle to be available.

  6. Is Strands Game Free?

    Yes, Strands NYT is completely free to play on mobile and PC. Whether you're using your phone or computer, Strands NY is available without any cost, providing a convenient and budget-friendly entertainment option for all.

  7. How many mistakes I can make in Strands?

    In Strands, you don't get penalized for mistakes! If you misspell a word while highlighting, it's okay. If you spell a dictionary word not related to the theme, you earn hints. The game recap at the end only shows your correct answers and the hints you used.

  8. What are Hints in Strands Game?

    The hint button in Strands is a smart feature! Instead of giving you an easy way to give up or cheat, hints are integrated into the game. To earn hints, you need to guess valid but incorrect words. The more challenging the game, the more hints you'll accumulate. Here's how to earn hints.

    If you discover a dictionary word that isn't part of the solution, your hints button will fill up. For instance, in the punctuation puzzle, highlighting a word like "SOLO" (unrelated to punctuation) will gradually fill the grayed-out Hint button, acting like a progress bar. Three off-target words earn you one hint.

  9. How to use hints in Strands?

    Once your hint button is full, press it. One of the words you're looking for will be circled with dashed lines around its letters. This shows where the word is and its letters, but you still need to connect them correctly. The dashed-circle highlight stays until you solve that word. You can solve other words first, but you can't use additional hints until you solve the one the hint pointed to.

  10. What do the Color emojis mean in Strands?

    In Strands, the emojis at the end tell you how you did. Blue means you found a regular word, yellow means you found the spangram, and a lightbulb means you used a hint.